Please bear with me as I remodel the homepage to go with the re-release of my debut novel.

I'm proud to announce that All Hallows Blood is officially rereleased. Kindle Print copies

Greetings and Salutations

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Welcome to my digital lair.

Enter at your own risk.

Peruse my writings, sample my arts and crafts, or get to know more about me.

Me, briefly

I am an artist, an indie author, a crafter, an animal lover, a nerd, a wife, and an eclectic sort of person. I don't have a single title because I'm not a single thing

I'm simply me.


I am a mature person, with mature thoughts, thus my creations occasionally have mature themes. I make no attempt to be mainstream or marketable, nor do I protect anyone's sensibilities. My visions here may be offensive or disturbing. Consider yourself warned.